Q1: Why, why, and why?

A1: JET is better than paper money. It spends like paper money. It presents the concepts of cryptocurrency in a way that everyone can relate to.

Q2: Bitcoin can do trillions, why not just use Bitcoin?

A2: There are clear risks associated with modifying the supply of Bitcoin. To begin, the full supply of Bitcoin has not yet even been produced. We are still years away from realizing that goal. This fact being combined with the ever growing pressure of investors will lead to the conclusion that its supply should be modified if it is going to be used as the standard of modern day payment systems such as cash and credit cards. However, our view is totally different. The current available supply constraints is more than enough to actually operate the entire financial system present today and JET is undeniable proof of the power of a single Bitcoin and how it can accomplish that task.

Just as Dial-up Internet led to DSL and similar technologies, Bitcoin will lead to a more open, transparent, and secure financial system. Sidechains are the clear path to global adoption of Bitcoin Technology. JET is built on Bitcoin Technology and eliminates the risks associated with modifying the Bitcoin supply for starters.

Q3: What are the risks associated with modifying the Bitcoin Supply?

A3: Risk of deflation, server failure, and human error are three of the major risks. There are several more, but to not be long winded, we will focus on these three. Increasing the supply will cause deflation, there is no getting around that, the price would drop. Deflation is not something that can be easily overcome as it changes consumer perception. The instances of Server failure could occur and render the blockchain inert causing the loss of millions and perhaps billions in transactions and stakeholder value. Human error could lead the posting of the incorrect code and be just as devasting as Server failure.

JET clearly eliminates these possibilities from ever occurring. Gold once served the purpose of backing paper money and JET is similar in that it uses Bitcoin in place of Gold. It also preserves the fractional reserve system currently present in Bitcoin.

Q4: Who controls the JET Supply?

A4: Treefunder Incorporated is the Majority Stakeholder of JET and derivatives.

Q5: How will JET be distributed?

A5: The supply of JET XMN will be provided through direct offerings at exchanges only. There are no planned giveaways as the action of giveaways has proven to not necessarily be effective in adoption.

Q6: What will be the price of XMN?

A6: 1 United States Dollar

Q7: Where can one obtain XMN?

A7: JET XMN is currently available for exchange directly in the Metrowallet Preview. Third Party Exchanges are eligible for early participation.

Q8: Are there fees involved with the Metrowallet Preview and JET in general?

A8: Yes, there are fees involved and the Majority Stakeholder holds a 100% interest in the fees. The fees are minimal and variable. Our target is for the BTC side is enough BTC to cover for miners. The introductory target for the XMN side is 0.2% + 0.01 XMN per transaction.

Q9: What is the TREEFUNDER Asset?

A9: We strongly believe in decentralized asset management and shares are no exception. The TREEFUNDER asset will be used to disperse the revenue stream associated with XMN.

Q10: Will there be a ‘Whitepaper’?

A10: No. A Whitepaper is not a Prospectus. Our company is highly secretive in nature and the general idea of JET is more than enough to relate to everyone.

Q11: Will there be a Prospectus?

A11: Maybe. Publication of a Prospectus will largely depend on the growth of JET and/or Treefunder Incorporated. We currently have no regulatory requirement to present such a document. At this time, Treefunder is a privately held corporation.

Q12: What are the Revenue Share Allocations for the TREEFUNDER Asset?

A12: Treefunder Incorporated has elected to share 90% of the JET Revenue Stream through distributions to holders of the TREEFUNDER Asset. This figure was selected to promote early adoption of XMN and may change at any time by action of the Executives of Treefunder Incorporated.

Q13: What is the METRONOTES Asset?

A13: Treefunder is reserving the use of this Asset.

Q14: What is the price of the TREEFUNDER Asset?

A14: The initial supply of the TREEFUNDER Asset is being offered at 10 United States Dollars per Token.

Q15: What is the scheduled duration of the Metrowallet Preview?

A15: There is no set time period for the preview. It is in operation to allow exclusive early platform access to JET and the TREEFUNDER Asset. Once a private distribution goal of the TREEFUNDER Asset has been reached, the preview will be closed.